Marvel’s Avengers At E3 2019: Post-Release DLC Is Free


For Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix didn’t stop at just an action packed CG trailer. It also brought on a couple of folks from developer Crystal Dynamics to talk a little bit more about the structure of the game. Interestingly, it seems the campaign the game will launch with is largely a story driven affair, but statements thrown out by the pair who appeared onstage make it sound more like a service game.

Following the initial release of the game on 15th May 2020, Crystal Dynamics plans to support the game by adding new superheroes to control, new regions to explore, and more. You’ll be able to squad up with other players online, and customise your heroes to your tastes. The team also confirmed no random loot boxes or pay-to-win.

After digesting the information, it sounds to us like Marvel’s Avengers will primarily be a game similar in structure to Destiny; a main story to play through, alone or with friends, and then an ever-expanding world of new heroes to discover and new content to enjoy. It seems as though Square Enix is cramming as much as it can into this ambitious-sounding project.


Marvel’s Avengers will have new content coming for years after launch, Square Enix announced during its E3 2019 livestream broadcast today. The game’s narrative will play out over the course of “multiple years,” it was said, with players assembling into teams of up to four, online, as they build out their characters, customize them, and learn new abilities. Players will work together to defend earth from all kinds of evil threats.

To make sure everyone can play together, Square Enix is offering all post-release superheroes and regions for free. Not only that, but the game won’t have random loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios, the publisher said.

It was also confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers is being developed across a suite of studios, including Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics (including its new Crystal Northwest studio), Nixxes Software, Marvel Games, and a team at Square Enix.

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