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Fortnite Week 6 Secret Banner Location Guide

Epic Games Reveal the Fortnite Season 8 Discovery Challenge

We’re still in Week 6 of Fortnite Season 8, but thanks to some advance promotion from Epic we now know what the Discovery skin reward will look like. After a teaser image appeared with the phrase “Ruin is coming…”, a full reveal has now taken place to confirm that this dark and menacing figure who appears to be emerging from lava will be the reward for Battle Pass owners who complete eight weeks worth of weekly challenges. We don’t know yet whether there will be further unlockable styles for Ruin, as with the Fortnite Prisoner stages last season, but we should have more information in the coming weeks.


Week 6 also means players now have access to the sixth loading screen for the Fortnite Discovery Challenges – providing they’ve beaten all of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for the required number of weeks already. If this all sounds like Greek to you then here’s what you need to know – for every week in which you’re able to complete all seven of the Battle Pass Challenges, you’ll receive a new loading screen as a reward that contains a hidden clue. Work out the details to determine what location on the island it’s pointing to, then make your way there to collect some hidden Battle Stars or a Banner to give yourself some new customisation options for your personal flag.

Remember that you must complete the Fortnite Discovery Challenges for the required number of weeks and receive the particular loading screen before your reward will appear in that location, so if you try to follow this guide without working through the Weekly Challenges first then you’re going to come up empty handed in your search for hidden loot.

Fortnite Discovery Challenges Skin – Ruin

As we said above, you can unlock the Discovery outfit by completing 55 of the Weekly Challenges in total, which means that it will be Week 8 of the current season before anyone can get hold of it. However, Epic have got ahead of any potential leakers by revealing the Ruin skin several weeks early in the above tweet – so now we know what this exclusive skin will look like, and from previous experience it’s safe to expect that it will be of Legendary rarity and come with a matching back bling to complete the look.

Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location – 6 Weeks

Like other secret Banners and Battle Stars, there are a few caveats to be aware of before setting out to find the item. Most important, this particular Banner won’t appear unless you’ve completed six weeks’ worth of challenges and unlocked the above loading screen; you won’t simply be able to go to the right area and pick it up unless you’ve done all of the necessary steps. Fortunately, we have tips and guides in our Season 8 challenges roundup if you need help completing any of this season’s missions.

Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location – 3 Weeks

Beat the Discovery Challenges for three weeks and you’ll unlock this loading screen, showing Sidewinder swiping a gold cobra statue while avoiding what may be the rumoured upcoming poison dart trap. You should recognise the background style as one of the Sunny Steps temples, so get started over there.

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Complete the Discovery Challenge for one week and this loading screen is yours, showing new pirate character Blackheart riding the giant galleon moored in Lazy Lagoon. Examine the buildings over their shoulder in the background and you’ll see a hidden Battle Star sat on the roof of a tower, so make your way to Lazy Lagoon so we can get started.

Land on top of the tall tower in the middle of those buildings and the hidden Battle Stars will appear – snap them up then head into the houses below to gather some supplies.

We've reached Week 6 of Fortnite Season 8, and there's a new set of challenges to complete across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and

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